Teaching philosophy and activities


For most of my time at ASU, I've had the pleasure and privilege of teaching the Introductory Biology course for non-majors, BIO100. This allows me to explain the fun, excitement, and importance of science for a large number of students (more than 12,000 served!); for many of these students, this will be the last formal exposure to science, and to a scientist, that they will ever have. I take that responsibility seriously and do my best to develop students' critical thinking skills and their appreciation of the importance of scientific literacy in a modern democracy.

When I have the time, I also teach graduate seminars on topics I find interesting at the moment (most recently, a sustainability-oriented seminar on the global element cycles) and a graduate course in biological stoichiometry. Someday I hope to teach Limnology (BIO426) again. "

Mentoring is also an important part of my teaching life and I enjoy working with postdocs, graduate students, and undergrads as they develop as new scientists.