Elser Lab Mission Statement

All life is dependent on energy and multiple chemical elements; this is described by the theory of biological stoichiometry. This theory needs testing across a broad spectrum of biota and biomes for it to serve as a unifying theory across multiple levels of biological organization.

We feel that the best way to develop a theory that can be applied at many different levels is to challenge it with diverse tools and approaches, including experimentally validated models whose applicability is assessed in a variety of field conditions.

Since we want to develop a unifying theory of broad impact, we use the most modern approaches, including genome-enabled methods, to test it; we share all progress and collaborate with researchers in relevant disciplines; and we work to build and empower an international network of colleagues engaged in stoichiometric research.

Through our work in refining the theory of biological stoichiometry we contribute to studies of sustainable resources, human health, and the conservation of biodiversity.

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