Marcia Kyle

Marcia Kyle

Title: Senior Research Associate

My association with Jim Elser began in 1992 while attending graduate school at UT Arlington. My advisors, Thomas Chzanowski and Bob Sterner, were PI's along with Jim on a grant involving effects of whole lake fish manipulations on the stoichiometry of the food web, and was performed at the Experimental Lakes Area in Canada . My part in this project looked at the microbial contribution.

After graduation I spent a brief time at Univ. MD Horn Point before joining Jim's lab at Arizona State University in Tempe. I moved to ASU in the Spring of 1998 to work on the "light to nutrient" hypothesis, a collaborative effort between Jim, Jotaro Urabe and Tom Andersen, which found me back at ELA. Life has been full to the brim since then. While working with Jim I have travelled and participated in research projects in Japan (Aquatron), Mexico (working on stromatolites and snails in Cuatro Cienegas), Svalbard, Norway (growth rate hypothesis for arctic zooplankton), and Norway and Colorado (on effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on zooplankton phosphorus limitation). I have worked on numerous grants which have used Stoichiometry to study the connections between growth, %RNA, and body phosphorus in a great assortment of organisms and even human tumors. Because of Jim's many collaborations, I have had the opportunity to met and worked with many fine scientists and students.

I am currently working on the NASA funded "Follow the Elements" astrobiology grant and am involved in both lab work (chemostat studies) and field work (Yellowstone National Park and Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico) investigating elemental composition of microbes in extreme environments.

In April, 2011 I will be leaving Jim's lab after a long and fruitful stay.