Decao Niu

Title: Joint PhD Student of ASU and Lanzhou University, China
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I am interested in biological stoichiometry and evolution.

Evolution has set biochemical constrains on the chemical composition of living organisms. Biological stoichiometry provides a mechanistic theory linking cellular and biochemical feature of co-evolving biota with constrains imposed by ecosystem energy and nutrient inputs (Sterner and Elser 2002). My dissertation research work focuses on plant functional ecology across different elevational gradients in the Helan Mountain in China, using the approach of ecological stoichiometry.  

While it is well-known that plants have far more plasticity in their biochemical options and, consequently, their elemental ratios than do animals or bacteria. Parts of my work are on how plants regulate elemental ratios to adapt to changed environmental factors and the function of plant stoichiometry with their growth rate.