Albert Rivas Ubach

Title Visting Scholar

While I was finishing my bachelors degree in Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007-08), I collaborated with CREAF (Ecological Research and Applied Forestry Centre, Barcelona) on a project studying the effects of climate change on Mediterranean forests and shrublands at the ecosystem level. In 2008, I moved to the School of Geosciences (Edinburgh, Scotland) to collaborate in a study about Nitrogen deposition in world forests. Here I had the chance to discover the immense importance of nutrients to ecosystem structure and function. Currently, I am a PhD student of the Global Ecology Unit (Barcelona). As elements do not actuate as themselves but as molecular components, I am very interested in understanding the relationship between the shifts of the elemental stoichiometry of organisms with the shifts of their metabolomes (set of metabolites) under environmental changes and gradients.