Jenni Learned

Title Senior Research Specialist

As a research specialist in the School of Life Sciences at ASU, I work to support research in Sharon Hall's and Jim Elser's laboratories. Through this research, we investigate relationships between the physical components of an ecosystem, such as water and nutrients, and the biotic components, from plankton to soil microorganisms.

I draw from a wide variety of educational and career experience to facilitate our ecological research. I have a BS in zoology and a MS in biology from Northern Arizona University, where I studied population genetics and mating systems in crustaceans. I also earned my MAS in GIS while here at ASU. I am very fortunate to have worked in diverse fields, from environmental project management to algal biofuel research. I am always eager to see where science can take me.

Beyond the work I do for the Hall and Elser labs, I enjoy volunteering for native Arizona species recovery projects and teaching at a nearby community college. One current and exciting project that I am involved in is the restoration of native fishes in the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon.