Courtney Currier

Title Master's Student

I am in the Biology M.S. program in the School of Life Sciences here at ASU. I completed a B.S. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. Years of undergraduate research in and the start of my graduate studies have driven my research interests.

I am interested in biogeochemical distribution and elemental balance among organisms and the ecosystem, primarily aquatic ecosystems and surrounding habitats. This aspect of ecology interests me because it highlights the distribution of resources at large-scales.

I think this is an important field because although nutrients exist everywhere in the environment, they may not be distributed equally in both space and time. My undergraduate research experiences at the University of Notre Dame focused on the ecological role of Pacific salmon in stream ecosystems. For my honors thesis in biology, I researched nutrient provision by spawning salmon to streams, specifically of nutrients not previously considered in resource subsidy studies. My Masterís thesis here in the Elser lab focuses on a portion of the ecological scale I have not yet considered: organismal response to changes in nutrient dynamics of aquatic environments, specifically in diet. My goal is to use a stoichiometric approach at the organismal scale to address ecosystem-level questions.