Neng-Iong Chan

Title PhD Student

I am in the Environmental Life Sciences PhD program in the School of Life Sciences at ASU. I received my BSc in Life Sciences, MSc in Bioenvironmental System Engineering and worked as a research assistant in Geosciences at the National Taiwan University before I joined the Elser lab.

I have a variety of interests among constructed wetland, restoration ecology, agriculture and ecosystem nutrient cycling. I am participating in the RCN-SEES research project of sustainable phosphorus at ASU. The aim of the project is to create a sustainable system which will ensure food security by engaging interdisciplinary researchers. Click here for more information on the Sustainable Phosphorus Initiative.

In my research, I will test the P fertilizers which are processed by different recycled methods - ion-exchanged methods and growing algae that uptakes nutrients from waste water. Also, I will look into soil biogeochemistry by asking how do microbes participate in soil P fractionation and cycling, and how does that affect crop nutrient acquisition under these ‘alternative’ P fertilizers.